BizFed has signed onto a Coalition letter seeking urgent resolution to negotiations. Please feel free to share the letter with your Congressional and Administration contacts as well as the press. 

Below are links to some articles of interest on the letter and other negotiations issues. 

After a grueling four-hour hearing, the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners this evening (11.7.14) voted unanimously to certify the Final EIR for the YTI Terminal Improvement Project! 

This is a critical step toward enhancing cargo handling capacity at the Port of Los Angeles.  With an imminent deadline to convey BizFed's grassroots alliance perspectice - Advocacy voted to support and act!

BizFed 2014 Election Report

On Tuesday, 25.2 percent of LA County registered voters cast their ballots in election contests to chart the future on key issues of concern for the economic vitality of Southern California. BizFed's PAC endorsed 11 candidates on the Nov. 4 ballot, and 8 were elected.

BizFed's massive and diverse grassroots alliance is working hard to "Inspire People To Vote"!  Please do your part by sharing this email to remind your members, employees, and contacts about some of the key issues that will affect our economic vitality.

VOTE YES ON PROP 1, CA'S WATER BOND - Your Vote Tuesday is Critical For California's Future

Putting partisan politics aside, the Legislature came together on a $7.545 billion bond measure to ensure Prop 1 has a chance of becoming a reality. The final word on Prop 1 is in YOUR HANDS on November 4! 

BizFed joins the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development, GO-Biz, in sharing exciting news that the "Breaking Barriers to Doing Business" Program has officially launched. Also known as B3, the Breaking Barriers to Doing Business Program shines a light on the good work that government and public-private partners are doing to make it easier to do business in California. 

The BizFed Institute convened an amazing panel recenty on this issue.....see more here...AND weigh in...this issue is key for our regional economic growth...

Election Day is LESS THAN one week from today! During Monday's BizFed Roundtable with Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, he suggested that instead of merely "getting out the vote," we use BizFed's strength in numbers to "Inspire The Vote!"